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Message from the President

photo:Founder & CEO Tomoo Yoshida photo:Founder & CEO Tomoo Yoshida

One's life is heavily influenced by education.

In current-day Japan, economic disparity has produced educational disparity. This has triggered a "disparity spiral" that gives rise to even greater economic inequality.
As a result of the restructuring measures companies have pushed, since entering the 2000s the social divide has without a doubt widened. For example, there are increasing numbers of students who advance to the high-school level but are forced to drop out because they cannot pay their tuition fees. There is also a not so small number of children who abandoned hopes of going to university due to their economic circumstances.

e-Learning, an educational style fit for the 21st century, is the trump card that will lead to a rebirth and resolve the many educational issues Japan is struggling with.
By using e-Learning to distribute educational materials, anyone is able to study anytime they want, any place they want, and for just as long as they want all for a low price. e-Learning affords all children an equal opportunity for education, and it holds the potential to be the remedy for the downward spiral in economic and educational disparity. I personally, both as a private citizen and representative of a private business, would like to act sincerely to affect a tidal transformation in Japanese education.

From this "closed" society where it is becoming harder to hold on to a dream or goals, I would like to create a society where people can achieve self-fulfillment one by one.

Furthermore, I would like to make possible a society where all children can learn with an even playing field, and each and every dream and goal can be realized.
I might not have the strength to do it alone, but let us work together to support our children's future by providing better education and crafting a sound educational environment.
That is the end to which I have decided to devote my life's work.