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For Tablets

Infant-oriented Acoustic Brain Training System

"Acoustic brain training system" that draws out the infinite potential from your young children

"Acoustic Brain Training" is said to help stimulate and encourage brain development in young children.
This Infant-oriented "Acoustic Brain Training System" helps young children develop important imagination and memory skills while listening to enjoyable music. In addition, it offers English language lessons and the tools necessary to develop perfect pronunciation.

For PCs/Tablets

Sign Language Course

Learn sign language while watching videos of it in action

This introductory course on sign language allows beginners to study with videos of sign language in action, improve comprehension, and build a solid foundation. You can also study to acquire levels 6/7 of the "Sign Language Proficiency Test".

For Smart Phones/Tablets

Elementary School Student-oriented English App English Monsters Collection

Learn English while collecting monsters

This collection-based role-playing game is a hit with elementary school students. "English Monsters Collection" was born by infusing a role-playing game with English vocabulary words. Users can study English vocabulary as they advance through the story, fighting with monsters they then add to their collection. This "edutainment" learning material allows user to have fun and study at the same time.

For Smart Phones/Tablets

(Female-oriented) Romance English Conversation: London Edition

Story-filled romance-simulation interactive English study app

"(Female-oriented) Romance English Conversation: London Edition" is set in a certain old castle town in England. This app provides a new sensation in which three types of male characters make appearances and users can study English while experiencing a simulated love story. The ending differs depending on the percentage of questions the user gets right as the story unfolds, which keeps the user entertained and allows them to study English while having fun.

For Smart Phones/Tablets

(Male-oriented) Romance English Conversation: University Edition

A version for men has finally arrived! Dating-simulation English study app

The male-oriented version of our highly popular female-oriented interactive English study app "Romance English Conversation" has arrived.
The story unfolds with college life as the stage. Three types of female characters make appearances, users can study English while experiencing a simulated love story in which they pair off with females and enjoy college life. Users can even gain access to an additional story if they answer all the questions correctly.

For PCs/Tablets

High school student-oriented e-Learning

Assured quality developed by Tokyo University graduates

Extraordinary e-Learning materials developed by a staff made up of 100% Tokyo University graduates. Not only is the content top notch, but so is the way the questions are formed. The course is compatible with all textbooks used in Japan, which means this course alone is all one needs for class preparation and review. Users can study with a sense of security knowing that this course allows them to look into problems they are having problems understanding.

For PCs/Tablets

University Entrance Exam Strategies Course

Genuine lectures that are just like attending a coaching school with a first-rate lecturer

Lecturers with big personalities are so fascinating that students listen carefully and are able to fully concentrate. We have created an e-Learning course with exactly these kinds of first-rate lecturers by recording lectures at major prep schools in the Tokyo metropolitan area. The course is beneficial to a wide range of viewers and since the lectures are recorded, users can watch them as many times as needed for their study.

For PCs/Tablets

Force Learning Park

A study website where users can both learn and teach

This new innovative website allows users to create e-Learning content through simple procedures. Users can create e-Learning content and share it with other users, thereby becoming distributors of information themselves. It also includes a classroom (community) feature where information can be distributed directly to the classroom (community).

For Mobile Use


Master content even when riding the train or on the go

Flashcards are indispensable when memorizing English vocabulary; however, creating flashcards is laborious and takes a long time. "Folstar" eliminates the hassle of creating flashcards and is a study method for memorizing vocabulary on the go, just as easy as listening to music.


Support Service

Support for Daily Life and Problem Consultation Hotline

Our support service, which includes our Support for Daily Life and Problem Consultation Hotline services, is all about solving troubles that come up in your everyday life. We help deal with all sorts of troubles in your life, everything from health and caregiving consultations to PC troubleshooting.